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I am thinking about all the changes I have been through and suddenly life is full of choices. Life doesn't end at 60It turns out that life does not end after 60, either - and that is nice, isn’t it? I might do voluntary work, maybe helping other women who are not allowed or able to be their true selves. I finally believe that the world is my oyster - and that goes for every woman.Tinder Tales - the show where comedians share their own, real, ridiculous, x-rated dating stories live on stage will be returning to Fox Caberet on August 24th.


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Bravo's Weekly Pregame has a teaser of Vicki appearing on a radio show in an upcoming episode, and she lets some real X-rated advice spill out.

Breaking taboos is easier if you can talk about it.

Don't be afraid to express how you feel or what you want.9.

The future is a new adventure Nothing has stayed the same since I began this journey as Lucie.

Looking at my life now, I will most likely retire from my medical practice and I see my future life as a new adventure, the author says.Her memoir is a no-holds-barred account of a woman's sexual awakening in her 50s, after the ending of a long and unfulfilling marriage.