Xbmc recently added episodes not updating

05-Oct-2020 00:53

xbmc recently added episodes not updating-82

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Some of the complaints registered and their solution is explained here: ERROR: CGUIMedia Window:: Get Directory(plugin://plugin.video.exodus/?action=movie Genres) failed By looking the errors that were generated, we get that when anyone tries to access the ‘theatres’ category and the ‘movie Genres’ category, the issue is occurring.The base of all is Kodi; this is an open-source, free media player developed by XBMC.

I may personally try a few things over the coming months, posting as I go, and maybe we’ll pick this up again during hibernation season.

On 8th April, Lambda updated it to V1.3, and it is seen that Exodus has no presence in the Lambda directory in the Kodi storehouse.