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In my eyes this was wonderful, I really wish they would reprint this book, or at least do an audio play with the remaining actors from the original film.

The characters are not very deeply written, as in most movie tie-ins. The story mostly revolves around Phillipe and his discovery of curse put upon Navarre and Isabeau, and his relationship with both parties.

This one goe Bought this because I loved the movie as a teenager. So that's how you spell the guy's name."I guess it works much better when the movie is based on the book. Other than a few sloppy adverbs and clunky similes ("Her eyes were like emeralds..."), there was no flare to the writing.

Surprisingly, there is not much more depth to the book - there is little additional detail about how the characters are feeling; the dialogue and script are an almost word perfect match; and virtually the entire book was included in the movie. I was hoping to be lost in the world and discover new insights into the characters, their thoughts and feelings. Even the climax of the book seemed rushed, and missing all kinds of details.

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Isabeau is decidedly more helpless and waifish here than she is on screen. The author adds a bit here and there, alters things in other places. The actors do actually give much better performances of these characters and lines than they are depicted in this novelization. Does the author get a script and just work from there? If so, Vinge interprets multiple things quite differently than I or the actors seem to do.The other characters are equally compelling, especially the revenge-driven Navarre, a brooding Heathcliff-like figure whose desires fuel much of the book’s inner drive.The writing ably fleshes out the inner thoughts of a few of the main characters, giving them the added weight needed to sustain the airy plotline.Alternatively, if you miss the a Can't say I'm too fond of the graphics for this novelization of Richard Donner's 1985 cult classic film "Ladyhawke." Check out some of the movie posters and you'll see these soaring fantasy paintings; the cover of this one just has Matthew Broderick looking a little downcast while a two-handed broadsword quivers in a tree next to his head. You may prefer this if you want the narrative without the Alan Parsons Project. Besides that, some parts of the tale are written confusingly what compromise the complete understanding of the specific chapter.

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Alternatively, if you miss the anachronistic soundtrack, you can just play "The Essential Alan Parsons Project" on a loop while reading this. So, the idea of the storyline is incredible, but it should be better written. Gettinf this boom to me was an adventure (Amazon, vintage bookstores, missed delivery dates) but I remeberee the 1985 movie and how much I loved it and I had to find the book.This edition also contains black-and-white photos from the 1985 film, making it a real find for aficionados of 1980s fantasy flicks.*rolls around* FINALLY!

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