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However, like the fabled phoenix, Helmut arises from the ashes as Adam Becker, a reclusive dairy farmer in rural Nebraska that he saved in the blaze.

With a new identity, Helmut Sommerfield, now Adam Becker, builds a new life with a new love, Laurelie Schmidt in a new land which, not only impacts him but all those around him.

She receives death threats, but ignores them at first.

When her husband disappears and someone blackmails her, she turns to her ex, a suspended homicide detective.

As a prisoner of war, his dreams of freedom, a wife and family, as well as working with his mechanical skills seems as dead as his family in his native land ...

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When she stood her limit, she turns to Matt Walker and Bill Tanner, other cops for protection. A mystery still surrounds the death of Princess Diana.

As a prisoner of war, his dreams of freedom, a wife and family, as well as working with his...

See full summary » When Sam Taylor (Rodney Scott) meets Lisa Wayne (Joan Severance), he experiences every 18-year old guy's ultimate fantasy: no-strings-attached sex with a beautiful, uninhibited older woman....

There are conspiracy theories that report that her death was planned or that a plot was carried out that lead to her escape from a ...

See full summary » Helmut Sommerfield is a German prisoner of war during WWII transferred to a POW camp in Nebraska.

Alyssa Milano and Jack Scalia played the main characters in this movie for CBS.

The hardworking, pretty, intelligent, well-to-do daughter of a prominent doctor (Earl Billings) and his social snob wife (Alfre Woodard) is too good to be true. She just bought a nice house in desperate need of landscaping and Brian is the ideal man for the job.… continue reading »

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Scotty Mc Creery is an American country music singer.… continue reading »

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