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To his dismay, she tells him to keep things discreet, but the two later share a passionate night together in a hotel room.

"Hold up Janet Jackson and Bobby Brown," one person marveled. stop playing w me." "THE TEA IS HOT TODAY," another user posted, using caps to convey enthusiasm.

In his book, Brown writes of throwing the "All for You" artist out of his hotel room after being intimate, a scene he tweeted lay "on the cutting room floor." Brown told Us Weekly in a 2016 interview that Jackson "loved me but wasn’t in love with me” and that she told him, “My father won’t allow me to be with a black man,” which the movie alluded to.

Brown shared what the alleged split meant to him while appearing on Steve Harvey's talk show.

Crawford is in the background while Houston's relationship with Brown blossoms, but there are hints that the confidante is a little more than just a friend.

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While the world was so intrigued with the interesting details Bobby revealed in his new book, "Every Little Step," many slept on the OTHER details he gave in his 2012 book, "Bobby Brown: The Truth, The Whole, Truth & Nothing But? That's where he spilled the beans about four very unlikely celebs he dated..nope we're not talking about Madonna, although she's about as unlikely it gets in regards to her past sexscapades with Bobby...

However, the movie later shows Brown rushing to the set of Houston's film "The Bodyguard" to console her when she loses the baby mid-pregnancy.