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The law school dean held a dinner for the nine women students—and asked each to stand and say, as Ginsburg explained, “What were we doing taking a seat that could be occupied by a man.” Ginsburg did so well at Harvard that she was invited to join the Law Review in her second year.

She did equally well when she transferred to Columbia Law School after her husband accepted a job in New York.

“Marty was so comfortable with himself that he never regarded me as a threat.” The two married in 1954, shortly after Ruth graduated from Cornell.

They began a loving 56-year partnership in which Martin Ginsburg, a lawyer himself, championed his wife’s legal career.

In a scene from the inspiring documentary “RBG,” Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is walking through the sculpture garden of a museum in Santa Fe, N.

M., when she sees a statue of a Native American woman.

Martin Ginsburg believed “women’s work, whether at home or on the job, was as important as a man’s work,” Justice Ginsburg says in the film.

The first sex discrimination case Ginsburg argued before the Supreme Court, Frontiero v.A guide tells her the statue, created by a Creek artist, is “a woman warrior.” “Any kind of battle you bring to her, she’s ready for,” the guide says.