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10-Sep-2020 23:36

Weed dating is an event where singles come to a farm and meet other singles, all while weeding in a designated bed (insert your own pun).

Weed dating as an event originated in Vermont on an organic farm, and it has spread all over the country, well, like weeds.

But longtime advocates of reform say this time the circumstances are different.

For one thing, the legislation has some powerful backers in Congress, including Sen.

(Photo credit: Green Gate Farms) For some singles, dating can seem like an endless walk among the weeds.

Green Gate Farms in Austin, TX, timed their event with Valentine’s Day.Farms in Idaho, Kentucky, Florida, Missouri, Colorado, California, and Texas have hosted these agricultural events.Although there is a romantic element to weed dating, farms see hosting this type of an event as a way to shed light on agriculture.A budtender at a marijuana dispensary in Portland, Oregon, displays a strain of cannabis in this February 2019 photo.

Congress is considering legislation that would remove marijuana from the DEA’s list of controlled substances and tax the drug to raise money for job training and treatment programs for communities that have traditional been the focus of marijuana law enforcement efforts.

"We built the solution we couldn’t find," said Nick Heldreth, one of the founders of Budbo.

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