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17-Aug-2020 21:39

I tried removing every program I could think of that might interfere with DRM, but it always fails at the same place with that same error.I've also done the following: Microsoft was right, you should give up and do a clean install.Obviously something carrying over from XP isn't compatible with Vista. The clean install is your best option since half your apps wouldn't work after the upgrade anyways.Best to inventory them and backup your data and then re-install after putting on the new OS.

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Looking at the properties of the file, I can see that it's called DRM Migration DLL, from Microsoft.

net stop wuauserv net stop crypt Svc net stop bits net stop msiserver ren C:\Windows\Software Distribution Software ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 catroot2net start wuauserv net start crypt Svc net start bits net start msiserver pause[Source : The above problem could also be due to a bad update.

One of the users on Microsoft forums found that KB 2919355 update is giving rise ( Leave the system for a day or two and check whether the file %userprofile%\desktop\fills up with data.

The only way it would finish installing was if I used an IDE connection for the optical drive.

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Once installed, the SATA connection worked with no problems whatsoever.Either you have to get better hack or crack software to This solution should work on Windows 7, Vista, XP and other Windows OS.