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19-Dec-2019 04:33

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We also recommend you to use a Java Script library to extend and enhance the default form validation functionalities for better user experiences on modern web design.

In this post, you’ll find a list of 7 best and most downloaded Java Script Form Validation libraries (without any 3rd dependencies such as j Query) to validate your HTML form with custom error messages, CSS styles, validation rules and more. Demo Download Just-validate is a dependency-free, HTML5 data attribute based form validation that supports both client side and server side form validation.

However, we also depend on the form and fields state in order to provide feedback to the user.

For example, we don’t want to show the “required” errors if the user didn’t interact with the form yet.

While we should still use server-side validation, I’m going to discuss how we can make the most of client-side validation to reduce the number server requests.

HTML5 brought us several No longer, do we need crazy long regex patterns to validate form fields.

This saves the trip to the server but still uses a bit of code.

Preventing bad form information is a deadly game of cat and also cat.

As web developers, we want to protect the information filled out in form fields.

Our approach, based on HTML5 constraint validation, allowed us to implement form validations natively.

Then, by taking advantage of its API and the CSS hooks, we were able to build a powerful solution for custom validations — including server-side validations via AJAX, and provide immediate feedback to the user, with error messages in any language supported.

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