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11-Nov-2019 23:11

The ISNUMBER function can be used to create a validation rule that only allows the entry of numeric values in a cell.

Select Custom from the Allow list and use the formula below.

For example, maybe you only want a drop down list to appear if another cell is not empty.

The following IF function will test if cell A2 is not empty, and if so show the list from the location named range.

This is done using the INDIRECT function (Learn more awesome examples of the INDIRECT function).

A common issue when creating dependent lists is the use of illegitimate characters in named ranges.

To apply these Data Validation rules; You may need to ensure that data is entered in uppercase, such as this example of UK postcodes being entered.

The cells need to accept the entry of both text and numbers, but the text must be uppercase. The EXACT function is used to compare the cell entry with the uppercase version to see if they are the same. For this example, the validation was applied to range A2: A6.

You can create Data Validation rules that are based on the value from another cell by writing a custom formula.Learn how you can overcome this issue in the video below.Duplicate values are a very common problem in Excel.In the Source box you can type =city to reference the named range.

For the dependent list in cell G2, the selection in cell F2 needs to be converted into a reference to the named ranges.

Let’s take our drop down lists further and create dependent lists.