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Create() with proper XMLReader Settings for validating the document. Following graphic(click for larger image) shows the XML file that we are using: To validate the XML shown above, we have the schema. Please note that in absence of event mentioned in point (3), an exception will be thrown on the first error encountered in XML file where as in case of having the Validation Event Handler hooked up, all the errors in the XML file can be displayed.Following code shows the steps mentioned above: Validating XML using Xml Reader Settings follows almost the same path as that for Xml Validating Reader, with a difference that here we will be using Xml Reader Settings to pass in the schema details.Generate an XML schema from an XML Data Reduced (XDR) schema file. Generate Access and Manipulate XML Data: Validate an XML Document.The prime use of a schema file is to validate the corresponding XML file.But there will be times when you want to create a schema to match an existing object.In this section, you'll learn about the methods that are available to programmatically generate XSD schemas.DTDs are part of the Standardized Generalized Markup Language (SGML) standard, from which both HTML and XML derive.

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A valid XML file is one whose structure conforms to a specification.

Please note that this class has been marked obsolete in . Lets assume that the XML file that we wish to validate has details about orders.

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