Updating xml net

21-Oct-2019 05:49

I would like to acheive this using the first sheet, since at th end of the year I would like to be able to calculate ytd figure easily. Value = 1 Else Destination Fields("Options.1099 Type"). Publisher 2007 and Microsoft Updates I created a newsletter yesterday - everything fine - use Publisher all the time.

Then an automatic update came down this morning and I can't open the file - it says "Publisher cannot open file" Other documents in Publisher are opening - any ideas?

Thanks in advance, Gary Hi ary, You can create a seprate file for the indexes, that would help as the index read/writes would be from a seperate file.

Sriram application records transactional event...latest update too MSCFV2Hi, I have MSCFV2 version 6.5.7825.0.

i.e For any future cl...(beginner)validating an xml doc with Dear Users, I'm programming a client; I have to provide a new feature that has to validates an xml document with an existing dtd file (or a schema) associated with the xml document. Is there any kind of method or instructions that match with my problem ? So I'm using this setup for over a year, everything OK. I know that we pasted things with a not appropriate format/resolution.

Yesterday I did two things and now Outlook dies (quietly, sans error message) immediately after startup. Windows Update installed: KB9766662, KB979306, KB979099, KB975929 2. Do you know a way to simply display in a palette pasted image file property (size and type) This would help finding the ones needing optimization. Linking Workbooks and minimising file sizes Spec: presently have a "user" workbook of about 70 worksheets. Am trying to make a Rough Work worksheet which will contain all raw data needed for calculations in the "user" workbook. Monthly figs in rough work sheet are used to calculated "% of work acheived this year" in the user workbook.

RBrandt at Hunter dot com "Lior Montia" Dir() will...

My question is this - If I buy the upgrade version will I only be able to load it on a new PC in the future if I already have windows Vista installed? System: Lenovo T500 laptop OS: Vista Business SP1 32-bit Software: Office Outlook 2003 SP3 Problem... Of course we made a pdf but for archiving in our knowledge base (format for latter use) I really need to get its file size down.I have Windows XP Home SP3, with Microsoft Update set to automatic download - can anyone tell me why I do not get all the necessary upadtes? I also often get on computer startup a message requesting me to send an error report to Microsoft that includes a few episodes of Outlook not responding.Any idea what this could be about and how to prevent both? Backing Up Money Files Do any versions of Money allow backing up data to cds, rather than floppy discs? This year we'd like to resize the booklet from a 5"x7" to a pamphlet size (to fit inside a #10 envelope). -- Regards Bob Peel, Microsoft MVP - Money For unofficial FAQs see or I do not respond to any emails that I have not specifically asked for.

Unless you are going to maintain the same proportions, it's not going to be easy. -- Jo Ann Paules MVP Microsoft [Publisher] Tech Editor for "Microsoft Publisher 2007 For Dummies" ... I have been able to acheive this to a limited degree using th =sheet1! When the script is set to run Before Document Commit I have the “Destination mapping” field “1099 Type” set to “Use Script”.

Matt Parks MVP - Microsoft CRM ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- On Wed, -0300, "Vin�cius ... NET Framework 1.1 SP1Running : Windows XP media center edition SP3 Have tried installing KB979906 a few times and also downloaded update manually but cannot install this update. NET frameworks 2 , 3 and 3.5 including the updates that go with them? Hello sherlockomes, you might want to look at the following kb article to see if this will help with the error 80070643. Dir("path to file") It will return the name of the file if it exists and "" if it does not.