Toward urban frameworks accommodating change in urban cultural landscapes

01-Oct-2020 04:07

The design team reclaimed twenty feet of underutilized public roadway in order to enhance public space and the quality of urban experience.

The rainwater collected on the private land was used for irrigation in both public and private areas.

Begun in 2002, it predated the development of the Living Building Challenge, SITES or LEED for Neighborhood Development.

To demonstrate the benefits of investing in the whole system, the design team suggested the use of a new type of financial model, a Resource Management Association, which gave property and systems owners an ongoing source of funds for achieving water, energy, carbon and habitat goals, while also providing funds for adopting new technologies.

The design would use buildings, landscapes and engineered systems to closely mimic the predevelopment conditions while accommodating a five-fold increase in urban density.

Solar energy and carbon cycles were also calculated to determine pre-development energy cycles.

The resulting energy design goals were to exceed pre-development solar utilization conditions and reduce carbon emission to pre-development levels.

This would be achieved through a number of building, landscape and infrastructure strategies, such as designing high performance buildings, maximizing renewable on-site energy generation, district energy and water systems, and utilization of the carbon sink potential of green spaces.

From the outset of the design process, the developer was eager to create a sense of place in a location characterized by both busy streets and empty buildings.

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