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19-Dec-2019 07:47

Of course, dating sites and apps remain rewarding hunting grounds also for the more usual kind of confidence/romance fraud, where the false admirers establish a romantic or friendly relationship with the victim and use various pretenses to request money or financial details.The problem is becoming increasingly acute, as in 2018 the IC3 received reports from 18,000 people who claimed to have become victims of confidence/romance fraud.Phony suitors also seek out targets on social media, and they are increasingly active.The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received more than 21,300 reports of romance scams in 2018, up 250 percent from three years earlier.Oftentimes, the con artists convince their marks to open bank accounts under the guise of sending or receiving funds.

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Instead, the scammer will keep asking for more until you finally realize you’ve been had.We truly want to believe that the Internet is a safe place where you can’t fall for all types of online scams, but it’s always a good reminder to do a “reality check”.