The following error occurred validating the name domain

23-Nov-2019 06:12

I assume this is because domain credentials are required for the rename once it's joined to the domain. Username) There are actually several reasons that you have to reboot after renaming a computer, or when joining a domain (which is basically the same operation with validation by AD).I attempted to use credentials with the Get-Wmi Object call in Rename-Computer, but it threw an error about not being able to use different credentials on the local system. One being that on NT based computers (I believe this started with Windows 2000), the Application and Network services read the computer name when they are started.

the following error occurred validating the name domain-85

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Well, you may also get this error even if no two computers on the network have the same name!

Restart your computer and the problem should be gone.

If you’re still having issues, post a comment here and I’ll try to help!

This is the error message it gives me: "One or more errors occurred while recording group membership changes for user Bob." I press OK to exit the error message and immediately, I get this one: "The following error occurred while attempting to save properties for user Bob: The specified account is not a member of the group." 3.

I tried removing Bob using the net user command from the command prompt. The specified account name is not a member of this group." Now, Bob is a member of both Administrators and Users group.The extended error debug information (which may be empty) is "000020EF: Svc Err: DSID-020A10BB, problem 5012 (DIR_ERROR), data -1014".