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A presentation "Representations of femininity, masculinity and sexuality and gendered violence in schools - reflections on the challenges of the research group" in the Nordic and North-West Russian workshop entitled "Gendered violence and school children / infants held at the University of Oulu, Finland, August 31th - September 3d, 2000. A presentation "A dialogue based examination using the Pro To environment", September 13th 2000, in the seminar entitled "Virtuaalisuuden kiihdytyskaistalla - tapausesimerkkej tieto- ja viestinttekniikan opetuskytst" organised by the Campus Futurus and the Development Unit of the Teaching, University of Oulu. Kokemuksia ja mietteit matkalta palestiinalaisten lasten pakolaisleirille.A case description about a conflict in female and male student teachers collaborative study activity" in the Nordic Forum, August 6th 1994, Turku, Finland. Sunnari V (1996) Shared interpretations of "overconscientiousness" as an illustration of gendering in pedagogical interaction. Papers from The 20th Annual Conference of The Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE), Oslo College, Norway, 1995. Sunnari V (1996) Teacher education and Women: Gendered structures and processes in the first teacher seminar in Finland. In: Ruotonen H, Lahelma E, Boysen L & Krogh-Jespersen K (eds) Content and gender: Transforming the curriculum in teacher education. Nkkulmia korkeakouluopetuksen ja ohjauksen kehittmiseen. Oulun yliopiston kasvatustieteiden tiedekunnan opetusmonisteita ja selosteita 63/1995, 60 - 81. Palestiinalaisten pakolaislasten elmst tulkittuna heidn piirustustensa avulla. Sunnari V & Rsnen R (1994) YK:n ihmisoikeusasiakirjat monikulttuuristuvan koulun ja opettajankoulutuksen arvopohjana? A presentation "Sukupuoli - valta - vkivalta ja maskuliinisuuden sek feminiinisyyden representaatiot koulutusinstituutioissa - tutkimusprojektin esittely" in the work group 2 of the Research Day in the Department of Education, University of Oulu May 26th, 2000.

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The state level Women's Studies Conference entitled "Challenges of globalisation, multicultural issues and locality", held in November 17 - 18, 2000, Oulu, Finland The workshop "Schools, gendered violence and sex education" in the state level Women's Studies Conference entitled "Challenges of globalisation, multicultural issues and locality", held in November 17 - 18, 2000, Oulu, Finland. Sunnari V (2000) "Miesopiskelijana minun puheillani on suurempi painoarvo" - Ensimmisen vaiheen tutkimustuloksia teemasta sukupuoli ja opiskelun kuormittuminen Oulun yliopistossa. A presentation "Naisiin kohdistuva vkivalta kansainvlisen ongelmana", in a seminar connected with violence against women and organised by NCRB, The network for crisis centres for women in the Russian Barents region (and in the Barents Region as a whole) organised by Aino Saarinen and Riikka Ptsnen, December 10th 1999, University of Oulu. Sunnari V (2000) United Nation's Human Rights Documents and the basis of values for the teachers' work In: Sunnari V & Rsnen R (eds) Ethical challenges for teacher education and teaching. Drukkerij Zuidam & Uithof, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 36 - 49. In: Niemi H & Tirri K (eds) Effectiveness of teacher education. Reports from the Department of Teacher Education in Tampere University, A6, 127 - 138. About sex-based interpretation frames in Education. A presentation "Non-violent human relations and anti-violent pedagogy - challenges for education", a presentation in Women's Worlds 99 conference in Tromss June 24th 1999.;-) More interesting free XXX photo collections: Girl XXX Photos - A-Z Porn Pics - Naked Matures Porn - Porn - Porn Comics Feel free to get in touch with us through this contact page if you have some questions.

| Updated | Publications | Presentations in local, national and international workshops and conferences | Organising separate courses, workshops and seminars | Other | Development reports |Aaltonen S & Sunnari V (2001) Sexual Harassment - Conceptual and Methodological Reflections. In: Sunnari V & Rsnen R (eds) Ethical challenges for teacher education and teaching. Northern Gender Studies 4 and Femina Borealis 4 (an international series) Oulun Yliopistopaino, Oulu. A presentation "From the gendered history of primary teacher education forward: looking present processes of institutional education in the Periphery from gender perspective" in the research course "Methodological Problems in Comparative Social and Cultural Studies: a post graduate course in research on gender and ethnicity" 28 - 31 August 1996, Oulu. An introduction in Finnish-Estonia seminar connected with equity education 12th April 1994, Tallinn. Tutkimus mieleenpainuneista kouluoppimisen kokemuksista. (Strengths and weaknesses derived from the need to show along the road to learning) Acta Univ. In: Niemi H (toim) Opettajankoulutus modernin murroksessa. Sunnari V (1998) Den reflekterande lraren: Med kn som utmaning och mjlighet. Kjfnnsdimensjonen i pedagogisk tenkning og praksis. Hi O-rapport 1998 nr 2, Hfgskolen i Oslo, 137 - 155. A presentation "Institutional and ideological canalisation as hindrances to support meaningful development of student teachers and to let them develop more personally" in the Fifth International Conference on Experiential Learning in Cape Town, South Africa, in July 1996. A presentation "Nainen ja kehitys pohjoisessa - Femina Borealis" in the state level conference of Women Studies, November 1996, Rovaniemi.