Steam updating toad

13-Sep-2019 10:38

Please note: I will generally not add mods that include new states if I can help it. I also like the fact that so many countries now have their own focus trees. Some focus trees have a lot of spelling errors (like Argentina etc.), which kind of annoys me.I also noticed that the Lithuanian focus tree that was made recently does not have descriptions, and just has the ID of the focus in the description of the focus followed by "desc" or something.Both Active and Passive sets are available, the active rollers go under the driven wheels and the passive rollers support the undriven wheels.A twelve-pack of rollers is also available for really looong locomotives.Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, our best fibre and 4G is now even better together.

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This multi-gauge set will run anything from N Scale up to OO, including everything inbetween like TT Scale and the various Narrow Gauges.