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04-Jan-2020 03:38

Germany is on the left, and Austria is on the right.The Netherlands is on the left, and Belgium is on the right.We wake up in the morning and we open the closet; we feel that we decide what to wear. The majority of the physicians now choose to let the patient go for a hip replacement.we open the refrigerator and we feel that we decide what to eat. And if you pull him back, do you try ibuprofen or piroxicam? " Now, think of it: This decision makes it as easy to let the patient continue with hip replacement, but pulling him back, all of the sudden it becomes more complex. I hope this worries you, by the way — when you go to see your physician.What this is actually saying, is that many of these decisions are not residing within us. " Well, the good news is that most physicians in this case decided to pull the patient and try ibuprofen. To the other group of physicians, they said, "Yesterday when you reviewed the case, you discovered there were two medications you didn't try out yet — ibuprofen and piroxicam." You have two medications you didn't try out yet. The thing is that no physician would ever say, "Piroxicam, ibuprofen, hip replacement.They are residing in the person who is designing that form. He's been suffering from right hip pain for a while." And then, they said to the physicians, "You decided a few weeks ago that nothing is working for this patient. Let's go for hip replacement." But the moment you set this as the default, it has a huge power over whatever people end up doing.

By the way, the Netherlands is an interesting story.So after being at MIT for a few years, I realized that writing academic papers is not that exciting.

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