Social issue on teen dating

25-Jun-2020 12:00

In each instance, teens are more likely to associate their social media use with generally positive rather than negative feelings. Just as relationships get forged and reinforced on social media, friendships can turn sour and require teens to prune their friend or follower lists.By relatively large margins, teens indicate that social media makes them feel included rather than excluded (71% vs. More than four-in-ten teens (44%) say they at least sometimes unfriend or unfollow people on social media, including 14% who say they do this often.In addition, more than half of these teens (54%) say they have unfriended or unfollowed someone because that person posted too much or too often, and a similar share disconnected from someone because the person bullied them or others.

Just over half of young people report that they rarely (39%) or never (14%) unfriend or unfollow people on social media.

And girls are nearly twice as likely as boys to say they often unfriend or unfollow people on these platforms (18% vs. But among youth who do engage in this practice, boys and girls largely do so for similar reasons – with one exception.