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And that's exactly what happened to Redditor badcollin while playing .

One of my Sims had the desire to sleep with ten people. He was always in his studio endlessly painting, he had a bed in there, he was completely dedicated.

I wanted to see which Sims would unashamedly use the toilet in full view of everyone else. "Slowly I would shrink the walls as people moved away from them forcing everyone closer and closer to that one, lone toilet. "I watched my favourite family burn and vowed that as long as I lived there would be no safe place for Bob.

The whole neighbourhood, all fed and needing to use the toilet, nearly all too ashamed to use it, standing around in a tight, confined space all staring at the toilet longingly. Woe betide those that fainted." together back in the day. There was plenty of food in the house and sometimes Bella had even cooked and served dinner. You had to always be watching her, prepared to cancel the action every time she tried it. He then told her to take it outside, where he had bought a long dining table. Every time I created a new neighbourhood he would respawn, always in the same shitty house without friends or family.

Every time she had a lover over I had him paint the scene in the bedroom.

He never caught her as he rarely left his studio but all the time he was obliviously painting her infidelity.

They were also really poor so they couldn't hire a nanny.

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"What a game." Brianwantstruth really wanted a graveyard for his brand new church, but oh God did the plans backfire.

Every time I started a new game, I'd go and kill Bob first. I like to think that I had something to do with it.