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The remains of a woman were found sitting in front of her TV - 42 years after she was reported missing.

Hedviga Golik, who was born in 1924, had apparently made herself a cup of tea before sitting in her favorite armchair in front of her black and white television set.

They were unable to trace any family or friends and found few personal items in the flat, which Mr. Police said that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death, and that it was impossible to confirm the cause of death.

In August 2013, the decomposed body of Geneva Chambers was discovered in her Florida home by a landscaper.

According to court documents, foreclosure notices were issued in 2009 and all utilities were turned off by June 2010.

Neighbors believed that Chambers had abandoned the house.

However, they had maintained Chambers' lawn in recent years, entirely unaware that her dead body was inside.

The cause of death was never ascertained, again due to the decomposed state of the remains, but police believe that Vincent died of natural causes.She wrote and published stories through Pinata Publications, which she founded, that were designed to help Mexican-American children identify with their culture.In recent years, however, Salinas had become reclusive and suffered from financial problems.Chambers' last known human contact was in April of 2010 during a pawn transaction. Abandoned homes have become an increasingly common sight in a national foreclosure crisis.

One neighbor stated, "The big question in the air: why some friends and some relatives didn't try to contact her. However, what may lurk behind closed doors could be much worse.Dishes were heaped in the kitchen sink and a mountain of post lay behind the front door.