Self consolidating concrete properties

03-Nov-2020 15:50

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The fluidity of concrete is attained by adjusted powder content and superplasticiser, no viscosity-modifying admixtures was used. When the content of wastes was appropriate the hollow partition precast with recycled concrete have good physical properties.

Concrete properties in fresh state are evaluated according to EFNARC, from mechanical characteristic are examined compressive strength on the cube and cylinder specimen at 28 days and tensile strength B. D Gundakalle, The effect of addition of limestone powder inthe properties of self compacting concrete., International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, 9, (2013), 4996-5003. Abstract: A designed experimental study has been conducted to investigate the effect of polypropylene fiber on the compressive strength and flexural properties of concrete containing silica fume, a large number of experiments have been carried out in this study.

When concrete is poured into the formwork it has a composition containing irregularly distributed pockets of entrapped air voids, and these air voids have an adverse effect on the surface appearance of concrete and the concrete properties.

In order to eliminate the entrapped air and voids in concrete and to ensure proper bonding between the concrete and reinforcement, freshly placed concrete is consolidated.

The influence of type of steel fiber, volume content of the fiber and substitution ratio of lightweight aggregate is analyzed.

The relationship between splitting tensile strength and axial tensile strength of specified density steel fiber concrete is suggested.

Consolidation is the process of inducing a closer arrangement of the solid particles in freshly mixed concrete by reduction of voids.

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However, research and usage have shown that the usage of SCC technology reduces the total cost of labor, energy, required equipment and casting process.

Self-compacting concrete is a relatively new material in building industry, able to flow into place under its own weight, filling perfectly the formwork without vibration, avoiding segregation between cement paste and aggregate. In accordance with the ratio of cement raw meal, the cement clinker is produced by adding appropriate limestone, clay and other correction materials.

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