Row cannot be located for updating vba

19-Sep-2020 17:23

Transposing means to copy data so that the rows become columns and the columns become rows There are two methods of transposing data: tends to be much slower.No matter which Excel VBA Copy method we use there are some tasks we must perform first.These are: Using a Pivot Table is the fastest method for summing data.There is not much difference between the other two methods.For example, getting the total volume for “Laptop Model A”.There are 3 VBA copy methods that we can use to do this.Autofilter doesn’t have it’s own copy method so after filtering we have to copy the data using some other method.Advanced Filter automatically copies the data and we can specify the columns we want to be copied. I have created two different methods of copying using Auto Filter for individual rows.

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The article is broken down as follows: The following are some related articles with more information about certain topics: Ranges and Cells Arrays Dictionary For Loop For Each Loop The Workbook object The Worksheet object Range. is similar but slower and may not return the correct value if there is currency or data formatting. (Note: Website members have access to the full webinar archive.) In this article I will be using the following dataset: Unless specified, most examples will use the 2 worksheets: CLICK HERE TO GET THE CODE AND DATA FOR THIS POST In the next section you can see how the different VBA Copy Methods compare in terms of speed.

Transpose tends to be quicker than Paste Special Transpose.