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She said: "She was free and she was happy without him and I think he knew it was really over." However, Simpson could not accept the break-up according to those interviewed.Friend Thomas Mc Collum III said: "He was truly the most jealous person I ever met in my life." Simpson also punched his murdered wife during sex and spied on her as she had sex with her lovers.“She was so wet and cold that you could feel her shivering to her bones. “Her face had already swollen - she actually had an imprint on one side of her face and her forehead - so I said, ‘do you want him arrested for beating you’ and she said, ‘yes’. “I told him, ‘I'm placing you under arrest for beating your wife.“About that time OJ Simpson came right up to the fence and he started yelling ‘I don't want her in my bed anymore. You're going to have to go get dressed so I can take you to jail’.

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“Suddenly, I saw a Bentley pull out the other driveway.

“When I got there, I saw an electronic buzzer system so I pushed the button.