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06-Nov-2019 21:31

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This is necessary in reverse as well going from the phone to Sonos. Hi there - thanks for your review and sorry to hear you're having trouble with this.The apps controls in Sonos also do not include any fast forward or rewind buttons other than the buggy option of trying to hold the forward or backwards buttons down. Can you reach out to our support team directly, so we can look into this?Like milk, podcasts will spoil if left unused for a period period of time -- at least in the mind of i Tunes.i Tunes will automatically unsubscribe from a podcast that hasn't been listened to within the last 5 updates, and more than 5 days have passed since an episode was played.

That’s all, next time on you will be notified whenever there are any updates available for your subscribed podcasts.

Then, use Podcasts Connect to manually refresh your show.

Apple Podcasts routinely monitors your show’s RSS and all of its content.

In the i Tunes podcast GT guide for beginners, we discussed pretty much all the basics about podcasts and how you can add podcasts on i Tunes from the i Tunes Store as well as external sources.

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i Tunes makes podcast experience smooth and easy but one problem that almost all the users get if they add quite a few of them to their library is the automatic update of podcasts.i Tunes will keep me in check no longer, as Doug Adams (of Doug's Scripts fame) provides a solution for this issue with his Update Expired Podcasts v2.0 Apple Script -- which batch updates each of your podcasts.

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