Requiredfieldvalidator not validating

06-Oct-2020 21:47

The issue in my case turned out to be related to the ASP.

NET rewriting engine used from the MSDN article URL Rewriting in ASP. Using the default implementation of the "Actionless Form" was the culprit - apparently this one was written based off of an earlier version of . Html Form Protected Overrides Sub Render(By Val writer As System.

A Require Field Validator is attached to the textbox to validate.

The job of the validator isn't to prevent a postback, it's to validate the input. Current 'Skip the action attribute of the form control. Items("Action Already Written") Is Nothing Then My Base.

Is Valid equals true and my code proceeds, contrary to what is expected. You are missing Validation Group on the Validators.

There's no need to specify validation group on the controls(textboxes) instead specify the validation group on the validators and the button on which you want the valid data to be posted!

Add(validator) Dim my HTMLExtender = New Ajax Control Toolkit.

Add(my HTMLExtender) Text Box Control Place Holder. try to set client Id of textbox as targetcontrol id of validator control validator.

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