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20-Nov-2019 06:23

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This makes them useful for situations where you need money for periodic expenditures, such as home improvement projects, but there's nothing to stop you from simply making a one-time draw to consolidate your debts.

There are a couple reasons you might opt for a HELOC debt-consolidation loan rather than a standard home equity loan.

Generally, anything where you've incurred a debt that needs to be paid off over time - credit card bills, auto loans, medical bills, student loans, etc.

The exception would be your mortgage; if you're having trouble paying that, you need to work that out directly with your lender, perhaps through a loan modification.

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Lenders will likely want you to still have at least 10-20 percent equity after taking out the loan.

This not only simplifies the payments, but can also provide real debt relief by reducing those payments as well.