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13-Apr-2020 19:43

In a study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, researchers found that 55% of parents reported talking to their teen (ages 11 to 18) about dating violence.Mothers were more likely than fathers to engage in these conversations.They were twice as likely to be physically abused, 2.5 times as likely to be psychologically abused, and 5 times as likely to be sexually coerced.A scary finding was that both boys and girls justify violent actions in which it is okay to hit their dating partner.Just like with bullying, the use of technology makes escaping an abusive partner difficult and it can continue 24/7.If not deterred early, victims can suffer from long-term effects, such as:• decline in academic performance• susceptibility to alcohol or drug use• depression• self-harm• suicide attempts• future relationships with abusive partners What the Statistics say about Teen Dating Violence One in three American youths between the ages of 14 and 20 years have been victims of teen violence or have been violent toward a date (American Psychological Association's 121st Annual Convention). It was like she was living inside her worst nightmare.

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Abusive Dating Partner Warning Signs Here are some early warning signs that a dating partner may have violent and abusive tendencies:• Extreme jealousy• Controlling and demanding• Manipulative and deceitful behavior• Quick to fall in love• Unpredictable mood swings• Use of alcohol and/or drugs• Violent and aggressive tendencies• Isolates victim from friends and family• Uses physical force during arguments• Requires constant contact, does not give space• Calls names and continuously puts others down• Comes from a family history of violence or criminal behavior •Dating Violence Victim Warning Signs:• Physical signs of injury• Decline in school performance• Decline in hygiene and appearance• Indecisive• Changes in mood or personality• Use of drugs/alcohol• Isolation• Depression• Decrease in self-esteem• Withdrawn from family and friends• Withdrawn from activities once enjoyed doing •• Overly dependent on boyfriend/girlfriend• Pregnancy• Has unexplainable injuries Helping your teen...

Bethany stared out the window wondering how she ever got into the mess she was in… This national campaign brings awareness to an issue that marks this nation - domestic violence.

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