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Our new cookbook, “Empowered by Real Food” features 124 Nourishing Paleo Recipes & the Personal Healing Stories from 16 Health & Wellness Professionals, Paleo Business Owners, Health Coaches, a Naturopathic Physician, and Real Food Bloggers.1*Corresponding author Email: [email protected] and/or:[email protected] com. Its seeds have an outer brown testa (hull) and two white cotyledons. should be directed towards varieties whose nuts slip open naturally [ 23].All the essential amino acids recorded increase in values due to processing effect.For the amino acids that recorded increases due to processing, this could be attributed to their microbial synthesis during fermentation.Therefore the recorded decrease in dietary fibre can then be attributed to microbiological metabolism of lingo-polysaccharides.Some amino acids recorded increases while others were low in their levels.Thus, heating amino acids and sugar together which is known to produce furans, pyrroles and pyrazines and the fact that some amino acids can also be converted non enzymatically to carbonyl compounds used for formation of volatiles, can account for the recorded decrease in levels of some amino acids.There are other reports on amino acid composition of some lesser known tree crops, chemical composition and functional properties of raw, heat-treated and partially proteolysed wild mango Irvingia gabonensis seed flour [17, 18].

This is inferred, as p H affects the swelling of polysaccharides.The water in fresh Irvingia seed could possibly be bound water, so crushing the seeds by repeated pounding dismembered the matrices, disrupted the cells and made the water in the mash very much available for biochemical reactions involved in fermentation process. Hook reported that moisture level of a food influenced the texture and that the more ordered the endosperm structure the lower the rate of moisture movement [13].