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20-May-2020 00:01

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If you're also a nervous nelly, consider some prop work. Opt to re-create a dainty, candid action you very well might do if you were lounging at home posing for a nude.

Twirl a strand of your hair, gently use your pointer finger to trace your collarbone, or lightly finger the strap of your bra.

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Not only does this easy trick give the lucky recipient of your nude a great view of your boobs, but it's a smart psychological play.When you do your best Wonder Woman (shoulders open, legs apart, optional hand on hip), you may decrease production of the stress hormone cortisol.It's the posture equivalent of "faking it until you make it" — but there's nothing faux about the confidence boost you'll feel. The sexiest look is your most authentic self, so you shouldn't try too hard.This will give you an action to focus on while you snap, which will make you feel less awkward about the whole boudoir photo shoot thing.

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While there's nothing wrong with flaunting your fine self, make sure your boo thang respects that the nude buck stops with them.

About three of those minutes were spent with Graham rubbing down my i Phone camera lens after I asked her to teach me how to take a sexy selfie.

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