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In doing so, businesses can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and keep reusable and recyclable material out of landfills.

Plug loads refer to energy used by equipment that is plugged into an outlet.

Medical research confirms that children are more susceptible to indoor air pollution, mold and other pollutants during these formative years.

And, their behavior exposes them to more environmental threats because they’re unable to protect themselves from hazards. Controlling exposure to dust, pollen and other irritants could prevent two-thirds of asthma cases in elementary school children, based on a report from the “American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.” That is one big reason why states have begun to enact green cleaning laws for schools. The need for school-focused education about the purpose and requirements for green cleaning was also identified as critical, including not just training but broader awareness of green cleaning among school boards, administration, faculty, building maintenance staff and the greater school community.

Recycling benefits identified by Cal Recycle include: ARB staff developed life-cycle based greenhouse gas emission reduction factors for recycling and composting.

These factors were designed to provide local government officials, planners and other interested stakeholders with a reliable estimate for alternative waste management options.

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On June 27, 2012 the Governor signed Senate Bill 1018 which included an amendment that requires a business that generates 4 cubic yards or more of commercial solid waste per week to arrange for recycling services.

Save time by searching brands and products that comply with federal sustainability requirements.

Sort compliant products by performance, create projects, and gather documentation to streamline procurement.

Learn how to design and operate spaces that enhance physical health and emotional and social well-being and mitigate health risks.

The guidance crosswalk was updated in May 2019 for LEED v4.1 and WELL v2.The methodology for their development can be found at: Recycling Emission Reduction Factors and Composting Emission Reduction Factor.

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