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Once again in need of an escape route, she makes a daring bid for freedom.Yet despite coming so close, she falls short and ends up swapping one set of bars for another.In the year that also gave us Room and Viva, Mad Mary remains a serious contender for best Irish release of 2016.It is a Thursday in Dublin’s Twisted Pepper and eligible creatives are being set up on dates with people who have their own creative ideas.Following on from the fifth book, in which she lost her identity but somehow found herself a husband, Karin now finds herself in the precarious position of having to move in with her partner's family - a move known to strain even the tightest of marital bonds.But tight bonds are seldom established by those who grew up learning not to trust, and the status of being the only black sheep in a house full of sacred cows eventually takes an irreparable toll on the marriage; forcing the young Karin out of the house and onto the streets.

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And with little more than her dignity to bargain with, it is perhaps not surprising that the arms she ends up in are not all tender and loving.


Just months after Kat Ward was vindicated in a high-profile court case brought against her by a British celebrity, readers can now download part six of her fascinating life story.

(Indeed, it shares rudiments of plot with the recent, largely useless Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.) Seána Kerslake plays the titular young woman from Drogheda who, uneasy maid of honour to best pal Charlene (Charleigh Bailey), needs to find a date before the big wedding. For all that, by the emotionally raw close, many viewers will have forgotten they were ever watching a comedy.

Adapted from Yasmine Akram’s play 10 Dates for Mad Mary – which Thornton directed on stage – the film works through the familiar mini-farces with irresistible comic gusto. A Date for Mad Mary has things to say about the new Ireland.

In what might be described as the first truly "grown up" volume in the series, Kat, now in her twenties, is left with no choice but to face the world completely alone.