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01-Nov-2019 01:27

You can laugh at that; you can also understand it…but Kellyanne Conway is the daily public face of a flat disregard for actual facts and truth.And that, in my experience, is something new." Others put it even more bluntly."She comes from the real world, and she has always been able to tap into 'the country class,' " as opposed to the ruling class.Part of that, Matalin says, flows from Conway's "decades of insightful polling." And then there's her unflappability.A twice-divorced former Democrat turned ideologically amorphous New York business tycoon made common cause with the reddest of Republicans.It was the one deal without which Donald Trump never could have become president.

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Precisely because he knows that so much of what he has to say is bullshit, he's going to say it all the more loudly.…And Kellyanne Conway played a major role in sealing that deal for him.

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