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And that includes any static interpretations of her own music.

She may give listeners teasing hints about what her songs are about, but she’d rather have fans interpret her work to suit their own emotional needs.

It also provided me the opportunity to live in New York and just work and have a good time.

It was during that year off that I decided to give it a try as a musician.

When all the boys started playing—maybe around age nine or ten. [laughs] Maybe because I feel like that I’m one of them. He is more of my best musical buddy than my dad who I go to for sound advice. She started a law firm and urged my father to go to law school.

They started getting their first guitars, but I could already play. It’s funny because although I’m a lesbian, I’ve always really appreciated the attention of men. She’s really really brilliant, and she runs the show, while my dad kind of took over the artistic role in the family.

I had no delusions of grandeur about being a success, because instrumental acoustic guitar music hadn't had any commercial success since the 80's.

Even after the release of my first album I had an in-town gig playing in the band for Blue Man Group.

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Until We Felt Red reveals a mind—and a talent—that is constantly on the move--searching, challenging, questioning.

On the eve of the album’s August 8th release on Velour Records, King exhibited a similar vigorousness during an interview that touched upon such topics as her musical evolution, her coming-out experience, and her thoughts on gay marriage.