Jonas dating selena gomaz

03-Oct-2019 15:05

It was a (sanitized) cover of Busted’s “Year 3000” in which the brothers sing about traveling into the future to find (inexplicably) “boy bands” and to discover that their records outsold Kelly Clarkson (random but it rhymed).

They nabbed the opening spot on Miley Cyrus’s tour and the first album went platinum, effectively going from opening act to arena headliners in six weeks.

Their subsequent success — with the 2007 follow-up Jonas Brothers — came not thanks to some kind of major reinvention, but with their backing by Disney, and its Hollywood Records label, which gave them a built-in platform and audience.

They had already written and contributed to Disney soundtracks in their Columbia days, so the move made sense.

They could serenade fans with the country-tinged “When You Look Me in the Eyes” provide lilting love songs like “Lovebug,” and sell punky ’tude with “Burnin’ Up.”There was merch, and sold-out arena tours, and fanfic (with oddly specific imaginings of the brothers’ quotidian reality: “Nick woke up to the bright sun in his face, and the smell of his brothers smelly under arms.”) Yet what most people still remember are the promise rings.Their last studio album underwhelmed commercially in 2009, prompting a hiatus, and their last musical incarnation struggled to gain a foothold before they officially disbanded in 2013.