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Contents [hide] * 1 Baseball * 2 Basketball * 3 Boxing * 4 Chess * 5 Football * 6 Golf * 7 Hockey * 8 Mind sports * 9 Miscellaneous * 10 Motor sports * 11 Poker * 12 Power sports * 13 Skating sports * 14 Soccer * 15 Swimming * 16 Tennis and racquet sports * 17 Track and Field * 18 Finance * 19 Retail and rental * 20 Toys * 21 Confectionery * 22 Electronics * 23 Software and Internet * 24 Media * 25 Publishing * 26 Advertising * 27 Visual artists * 28 Architects * 29 Photographers * 30 Fashion designers * 31 Cartoonists, animators, and comics writers * 32 Authors * 33 Poets * 34 Playwrights * 35 Journalists * 36 Solo musicians * 37 Band musicians * 38 Jazz musicans * 39 Classical * 40 Producers etc. Here is a list of some prominent Jewish Americans, arranged by field of activity. Ren�e Richards, tennis player * Dick Savitt, tennis player * Mike Yellen, racquetball player [edit] Track and Field * Lillian Copeland, Olympic field athlete (2g1s) * Doug Heir, Paralympic athlete (6g2s2b) * Deena Kastor, long-distance runner * Abel Kiviat, middle-distance runner * Lon Myers, 19th century running champion * Myer Prinstein, Olympic jumper (4g1s) [edit] Finance * Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg, mayor of New York, philanthropist * Eli & Edythe Broad, business leader & philanthropists * Marcus Goldman & Samuel Sachs, founders of Goldman Sachs * Guggenheim family, business leaders, philanthropists & art patrons * Alexandre, Simon & Elie Lazard, founders of Lazard * Henry, Emanuel & Henry Lehman, founders of Lehman Brothers * Michael Milken, junk bond king, fraudster & philanthropist * Roy Neuberger, financier & art dealer * Jacob Schiff, financier & philanthropist * Muriel Siebert, first woman to purchase a seat on NYSE * George Soros, financier & philanthropist * Sandy Weill, ex-CEO of Citigroup, philanthropist [edit] Retail and rental * Max Azria, founder of BCBG * Arthur Blank & Bernie Marcus, founders of Home Depot, philanthropists * Nehemiah Cohen & Samuel Lehrman, founders of Giant Food * Isaac & Bernard Gimbel, founders of Gimbel's, Saks Fifth Avenue * John Hertz, founder of Yellow Cab, owner of The Hertz Corporation (unconfirmed) * Sidney Kimmel, retailer & philanthropist * Ralph Lauren, founder of Polo Ralph Lauren, acquired Club Monaco May 1999 * Paul, Georges, Maurice & Armand Marciano, founders of Marciano and GUESS * Morris Markin, founder of Checker Cabs * David May, founder of May Department Stores * Joe, Ralph & Avi Nakash, founders of Jordache * Al Neiman, Carrie Neiman & Herbert Marcus, founders of Neiman-Marcus * Julius Rosenwald, head of Sears & Roebuck, philanthropist * Isador Straus, head of Macy's, Titanic victim * Nathan Swartz, founder of Timberland * Leslie Wexner, founder of Limited Brands, Victoria's Secret * Mel Ziegler, Pat Ziegler & Bill Rosenzweig, founders of Banana Republic [edit] Toys * Beatrice Alexander, founder of the Alexander Doll Company * Ralph Baer, inventor of the games console * Joshua Lionel Cowen, toy train manufacturer, founder of Lionel Corporation * Maurice Greenberg, founder of Coleco * Nathan Greenman, toy manufacturer * Ruth Handler, inventor of Barbie, founder of Mattel * Henry & Helal Hassenfeld, founders of Hasbro * Charles Lazarus, founder of Toys R Us * Rose & Morris Michtom, inventors of the teddy bear * David Rosen, founder of SEGA (unconfirmed) [edit] Confectionery * Louis Auster, inventor of egg cream * Burton Baskin & Irving Robbins, founders of Baskin Robbins * Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield, founders of Ben & Jerry's * Joseph Friedman, inventor of the flexistraw * Hyman Golden, Arnold Greenberg & Leonard Marsh, founders of Snapple * Herb Hyman, founder of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf * Charles Lubin, founder of Sara Lee * Reuben Mattus, founder of H�agen-Dazs * Bill Rosenberg, founder of Dunkin' Donuts * Howard Schultz, head of Starbucks [edit] Electronics * Beny Alagem, founder of Packard Bell * Michael Dell, founder of Dell, philanthropist * Donna Dubinsky, co-founder of Palm Computing * Lee Felsenstein, moderator of the Homebrew Computer Club * Andrew Grove, co-founder of Intel * Eugene Kleiner, co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor, venture capitalist * Jaron Lanier, virtual reality products * Arthur Rock, hi-tech venture capitalist (Intel, Apple) * Ben Rosen, hi-tech venture capitalist (Compaq, Lotus) * Jack Tramiel, founder of Commodore International * Andrew Viterbi & Irwin Jacobs, founders of Qualcomm [edit] Software and Internet * Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft (Jewish mother) * Dan Bernstein, creator of qmail (unconfirmed) * Dan Bricklin & Bob Frankston, creators of Visicalc * Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google * Bram Cohen, creator of Bit Torrent (unconfirmed) * Mark Cuban, founder of Broadcast.com, owner of the Dallas Mavericks * Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle * Rob Glaser, founder of Real Networks * Andy Hertzfeld, programmer on Mac OS * Larry Kaplan, co-founder of Activision * Mitch Kapor, founder of Lotus Software, co-founder of EFF * Raymond Kurzweil, artificial intelligence software * Phil Katz, creator of PKZip * Leslie Lamport, initial developer of La Te X * Max Levchin, founder of Pay Pal * Elias Levy (aka Aleph One), long-time moderator of Bugtraq * Jef Raskin, interface designer for Apple Macintosh * Seymour I. * 41 Songwriters * 42 Musicals writers * 43 Classical composers * 44 Film composers * 45 Film directors * 46 Film actors * 47 Television actors * 48 TV and radio presenters * 49 Producers and creators * 50 Comedians * 51 Theatre * 52 Magicians * 53 Dance * 54 Models * 55 Philosophers * 56 Social and Political Scientists * 57 Linguists * 58 Psychologists * 59 Economists * 60 Historians * 61 Physicists * 62 Chemists * 63 Biologists and physicians * 64 Mathematicians * 65 Computer scientists * 66 Inventors o 66.1 Presidential candidates o 66.2 Cabinet members o 66.3 Senators o 66.4 Representatives o 66.5 Governors o 66.6 Mayors * 67 Jurists, economists and military people o 67.1 Supreme Court o 67.2 Lawyers o 67.3 Economists o 67.4 Military * 68 Activists o 68.1 Social leaders o 68.2 Political and civil rights activists o 68.3 Anti-racism o 68.4 Feminism and gay rights o 68.5 Health and environment * 69 Controversial o 69.1 Criminals o 69.2 Other [edit] Baseball * Brad Ausmus, baseball player (Jewish mother) * Bo Belinsky, baseball player (Jewish mother) * Moe Berg, baseball player & spy * Ron Blomberg, baseball player, MLB's first designated hitter * Lou Boudreau, baseball player, MVP 1948, Ho F (Jewish mother) * Barney Dreyfuss, co-founder of the World Series * Shawn Green, baseball player * Hank Greenberg, baseball player, MVP 1935/1940, Ho F * Ken Holtzman, baseball player * Gabe Kapler, baseball player * Sandy Koufax, baseball player, MVP 1963, Ho F * Mike Lieberthal, baseball player (Jewish father) * Levi Meyerle, credited with first double and triple (1876) * Marvin Miller, first director of the MLBPA * Buddy Myer, baseball player * Lip Pike, 19th century player * Al Rosen, baseball player, MVP 1953 * Bud Selig, baseball commissioner * Steve Stone, baseball player * Kevin Youkilis, baseball player [edit] Basketball * Red Auerbach, basketball coach, Ho F * Senda Berenson, educator & sportswoman, Ho F * Sue Bird, basketball player (Jewish father) * Larry Brown, basketball coach * Marty Friedman, basketball player, Ho F * Eddie Gottlieb, NBA co-founder, Ho F * Nat Holman, basketball player & coach, Ho F * Red Holzman, basketball coach, Ho F * Nancy Lieberman, basketball player, Ho F * Harry Litwack, basketball coach, Ho F * Maurice Podoloff, basketball commissioner, Ho F * Abe Saperstein, creator of the Harlem Globetrotters, Ho F * Dolph Schayes, basketball player, Ho F * Ossie Schectman, scored first basket of NBA (1946) * Barney Sedran, basketball player, Ho F * David Stern, basketball commissioner [edit] Boxing * Ray Arcel, boxing trainer, Ho F * Bob Arum, boxing promoter, Ho F * Abe Attell, world featherweight champion, Ho F * Benny Bass, world featherweight champion, Ho F * Samuel Berger, first Olympic heavyweight champion * Joe Choynski, heavyweight fighter, Ho F * Charley Goldman, boxing trainer, Ho F * Mike Jacobs, boxing promoter, Ho F * Jackie Kallen, boxing promoter * Louis Kid Kaplan, world featherweight champion, Ho F * Benny Leonard, world lightweight champion, Ho F * Battling Levinsky, world light-heavyweight champion, Ho F * Jill Matthews, world junior-flyweight champion * Dana Rosenblatt, world middleweight champion * Maxie Rosenbloom, world light-heavyweight champion, Ho F * Barney Ross, world lightweight and welterweight champion, Ho F * Mike Rossman, world light-heavyweight champion (Jewish mother) * Lew Tendler, the "greatest southpaw in ring history", Ho F [edit] Chess * Lev Alburt, US Chess Champion, Ho F * Joel Benjamin, US Chess Champion * Hans Berliner, World Postal Chess Champion, Ho F * Arthur Bisguier, US Chess Champion, Ho F * Arnold Denker, US Chess Champion, Ho F * Roman Dzindzichashvili, US Chess Champion * Esther Epstein, US Women's Chess Champion * Larry Evans, US Chess Champion, Ho F * Reuben Fine, chess grandmaster, Ho F * Bobby Fischer, US & World Chess Champion, Ho F (Jewish mother & alleged Jewish father; does not identify, and is in fact an outspoken anti-Semite) * Gisela Gresser, US Women's Chess Champion, Ho F * Boris Gulko, US Chess Champion * Israel Horowitz, chess player, Ho F * Isaac Kashdan, chess grandmaster, Ho F * George Koltanowski, chess grandmaster, Ho F * Irina Levitina, US Women's Chess Champion & bridge champion * Fred Reinfeld, chess writer, Ho F * Samuel Reshevsky, US Chess Champion, Ho F * Herman Steiner, US Chess Champion * Wilhelm Steinitz, World Chess Champion, Ho F * Michael Wilder, US Chess Champion [edit] Football * Lyle Alzado, football player * Harris Barton, football player * Al Davis, football coach, PFHo F * Jay Fiedler, football player * Benny Friedman, football player, PFHo F, CFHo F * Sid Gillman, football coach, PFHo F, CFHo F * Marshall Goldberg, football player, CFHo F * Marv Levy, footbal coach, PFHo F * Benny Lom, football player * Sid Luckman, football player, PFHo F, CFHo F * Ron Mix, football player, PFHo F * Igor Olshansky, football player [edit] Golf * Amy Alcott, golfer * Bruce Fleisher, golfer * Jonathan Kaye, golfer * Cristie Kerr, golfer (Jewish father) * Morgan Pressel, golfer [edit] Hockey * Gary Bettman, NHL commissioner * Sara De Costa, hockey player * Jeff Halpern, hockey player * Mathieu Schneider, hockey player [edit] Mind sports * Billy Eisenberg, bridge & backgammon champion * Charles Goren, bridge player & writer * Oswald Jacoby, bridge & backgammon champion * Joel Sherman, scrabble champion [edit] Miscellaneous * Alan Gelfand, skateboarder, Ollie inventor * Albert Axelrod, fencer * Gary Auerbach, frisbee champion * Sidney Franklin, bullfighter * Vic Hershkowitz, handball champion * Marshall Holman, bowling champion * Jimmy Jacobs, handball champion, boxing coach * Sada Jacobson, fencer * Mark Roth, bowling champion * Kerri Strug, gymnast [edit] Motor sports * Kenny Bernstein, drag racer * Paul Newman, auto racer & team owner (Jewish father) * Peter Revson, F1 racer * Mauri Rose, Indy 500 racer [edit] Poker * Mickey Appleman, poker champion (4 WSOP bracelets) * Lyle Berman, poker player & business executive (3 WSOP bracelets) * Barry Greenstein, poker player & philanthropist (1 WSOP braclet) * Perry Green, poker player (3 WSOP bracelets) * Jay Heimowitz, poker player (6 WSOP bracelets) * Howard Lederer & Annie Duke, poker players (2 & 1 WSOP bracelets) (unconfirmed) * Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, poker player (2 WSOP bracelets) * David Sklansky, poker player & author (3 WSOP bracelets) (unconfirmed) * Jack Straus, poker player (2 WSOP bracelets, 1 championship) * Stu Ungar, poker player (5 WSOP bracelets, 3 championships) [edit] Power sports * Isaac Berger, Olympic weightlifter (1g2s) * Bill Goldberg, professional wrestler * Scott Levy, professional wrestler (Raven) * Dean Malenko, professional wrestler * Amy Weisberger, powerlifter * Henry Wittenberg, Olympic wrestler (1g1s) [edit] Skating sports * Sasha Cohen, figure skater * Scott Cohen, free skating champion * Aaron Feinberg, rollerblading champion * Sarah Hughes, figure skating champion (Jewish mother) * Irving Jaffee, speed skating champion [edit] Soccer * Yari Allnut, soccer player * Jeff Agoos, soccer player * Dan Calichman, soccer player * Don Garber, soccer comissioner * Shep Messing, soccer player * Sara Whalen, soccer player * Ethan Zohn, soccer player [edit] Swimming * Tiffany Cohen, Olympic swimmer (2g) * Anthony Ervin, Olympic swimmer (1g1s) (Jewish mother) * Lenny Krayzelburg, Olympic swimmer (3g) * Jason Lezak, Olympic swimmer (2g1s1b) * Keena Rothhammer, Olympic swimmer (1g1s) * Mark Spitz, Olympic swimmer (9g1s1b) * Dara Torres, Olympic swimmer (4g1s4b) (Jewish father) [edit] Tennis and racquet sports * Joey Cornblit, jai-alai player * Brad Gilbert, tennis player & coach * Brian Gottfried, tennis player * Marty Hogan, racquetball player * Aaron Krickstein, tennis player * Victor Niederhoffer, squash player * Dr. Kahn, architect * Morris Lapidus, architect * Daniel Libeskind, architect * Richard Meier, architect, Pritzker Prize (1984) * Robert Moses, urban planner * Richard Neutra, modernist architect * Robert A. Stern, architect [edit] Photographers * Diane Arbus, photographer * Eve Arnold, photojournalist * Richard Avedon, photographer * Margaret Bourke-White, photojournalist (half Jewish) * Robert Capa, war photographer * Alfred Eisenstaedt, photographer * Elliott Erwitt, photographer (half Jewish) * Robert Frank, photographer * Lee Friedlander, photographer * Nan Goldin, photographer * Philippe Halsman, photographer * Andr� Kert�sz, photographer * William Klein, photographer * Annie Leibovitz, photographer * Helen Levitt, photographer * Linda Mc Cartney, photographer * Lisette Model, photographer (half Jewish) * Arnold Newman, photographer * Irving Penn, photographer * Man Ray, dadaist photographer * Herb Ritts, photographer * Joe Rosenthal, war photographer * Arthur Rothstein, photographer * David Seymour, photojournalist * Cindy Sherman, photographer * Aaron Siskind, photographer * Alfred Stieglitz, photographer * Paul Strand, photographer * Doris Ulmann, photographer * Weegee, photojournalist * Garry Winogrand, photographer [edit] Fashion designers * Gilbert Adrian, Hollywood fashion designer * Hattie Carnegie, fashion designer * Kenneth Cole, fashion designer * Pamela Dennis, fashion designer * Marc Ecko, fashion designer * Rudi Gernreich, fashion designer * Marc Jacobs, fashion designer * Alexander Julian, fashion designer (half Jewish) * Donna Karan, fashion designer * Calvin Klein, fashion designer * Michael Kors, fashion designer (half Jewish) * Est�e Lauder, cosmeticist * Ralph Lauren, fashion designer, founder of Polo Ralph Lauren * Hinda Miller, inventor of the sports bra * Isaac Mizrahi, fashion designer * Robert Lee Morris, jewelry designer (half Jewish) * Norman Norell, fashion designer * Zac Posen, fashion designer * Charles Revson, cosmeticist * Ida Rosenthal, founder of Maidenform Brassieres * Helena Rubinstein, cosmeticist * Levi Strauss, clothing manufacturer * Pauline Trig�re, fashion designer * Diane Von Furstenberg, fashion designer [edit] Cartoonists, animators, and comics writers * Ralph Bakshi, animator (Fritz the Cat, Lord of the Rings) * Brian Michael Bendis, comics book writer * Dave Berg, cartoonist * Al Capp, cartoonist (Li'l Abner) * Roz Chast, cartoonist (New Yorker) * Daniel Clowes, alternative comics writer (Ghost World) * Peter David, comics writer & "writer of stuff" * Will Eisner, comics artist (The Spirit) * Jules Feiffer, cartoonist * Bill Finger, comics artist (Batman) * Max Fleischer, animator (Popeye, Betty Boop) * Fritz Freleng, animator (Looney Tunes) * William Gaines, comics artist and MAD founder * Rube Goldberg, cartoonist * Al Hirschfeld, caricaturist * Nicole Hollander, cartoonist (Sylvia) * Bob Kane, comics artist (Batman) * Gil Kane, comics artist (Green Lantern) * Ben Katchor, comics writer (Julius Knipl) * Jack Kirby, comics artist (Captain America, Hulk) * Joe Kubert, comics artist * Harvey Kurtzman, comics artist and MAD editor * Stan Lee, comics artist (Spiderman, X-Men) * Martin Nodell, comics artist (Green Lantern) * Harvey Pekar, comix writer (American Splendor) * Trina Robbins, comix writer * Julius Schwartz, comic book and magazine editor * Joe Shuster, comics artist (Superman) * Jerome Siegel, comics artist (Superman) * Joe Simon, comics artist (Captain America) * Art Spiegelman, comix writer (Maus) * William Steig, cartoonist & children's writer * Saul Steinberg, cartoonist & illustrator * Mort Weisinger, comic book and magazine editor * Marv Wolfman, comic book writer [edit] Authors * Jessica Abel, comic book writer & artist * Kathy Acker, writer * Forrest J. Straus, Jr., co-founder of Farrar, Straus and Giroux [edit] Advertising * Edward Bernays, father of public relations * Bill Bernbach, advertising pioneer * Jay Chiat, advertiser * Stan Freberg, advertiser & radio personality * Oscar Goldstein, creator of Ronald Mc Donald * Albert Lasker, advertising pioneer, founder of the Lasker Award * Shirley Polykoff, advertiser * Ron Popeil, inventor & father of infomercials * Jay Schulberg, creator of Got Milk? [edit] Visual artists * Leonard Baskin, sculptor & graphic artist * Bernard Berenson, art critic * Wallace Berman, assemblage artist * Ross Bleckner, painter * Victor David Brenner, designer of the US penny * Judy Chicago, feminist painter * Jo Davidson, sculptor * Jim Dine, pop artist * Henry Dreyfuss, industrial designer * Jacob Epstein, UK-based sculptor * Helen Frankenthaler, abstract expressionist * Milton Glaser, graphic designer * Jack Goldstein, multi media * Leon Golub, political painter * Adolph Gottlieb, abstract exppresionist * Clement Greenberg, art critic * Philip Guston, abstract expressionist * Eva Hesse, minimalist sculptor * R. Kitaj, UK-based painter * Lee Krasner, abstract expressionist * Tamara de Lempicka, art deco painter (half Jewish) * Sol Le Witt, sculptor * Roy Lichtenstein, pop artist * Jacques Lipchitz, cubist sculptor * Morris Louis, abstract expressionist * Herb Lubalin, graphic designer * Peter Max, pop artist * Louise Nevelson, abstract expressionist sculptor * Barnett Newman, abstract expressionist * Paul Rand, graphic designer * Larry Rivers, pop artist * Susan Rothenberg, painter * Mark Rothko, abstract expressionist * Julian Schnabel, neo-expressionist * George Segal, pop art sculptor * Richard Serra, minimalist sculptor (half Jewish) * Ben Shahn, social realist painter * Nancy Spero, painter, collage artist * Max Weber, cubist painter [edit] Architects * Dankmar Adler, architect * Marcel Breuer, architect * Arnold Brunner, architect * Gordon Bunshaft, architect * Peter Eisenman, deconstructionist architect * Frank Gehry, architect, Pritzker Prize (1989) * Victor Gruen, father of the shopping mall * Frank Israel, architect * Albert Kahn, industrial architect * Louis I. Simon & Max Schuster, founders of Simon and Schuster * Roger W.

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Ackerman, science fiction author & fan * Nelson Algren, novelist * Jonathan Ames, author * Sholem Asch, Yiddish writer * Isaac Asimov, science fiction author * Paul Auster, author * Peter S.

Saul Hudson) (half-Jewish) * Guster - Ryan Miller, Adam Gardner, Brian Rosenworcel * Heartbreakers - Richard Hell * The Hooters - Rob Hyman, Eric Bazilian * Incubus - Mike Einziger * J.

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