Iphone email not updating

13-Dec-2019 08:05

If not, you'll have to move to a location with a better signal or connect to Wi-Fi (you need internet to get email).

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I can see new email in a Chrome browser that isn’t going to my Apple Mail app on i Phone 6s and i Pod Air 2. New mail does not appear, even when I manually refresh by dragging down (multiple times), but then will appear randomly many hours later. So maybe then the yahoo does not work only with the phone?However the i Pad was also not loading up for a few days but is sorted out now after deleting the account and reinstating it and after doing "reset Network" in the Settings. I am having the same frustrating delays with two i OS devices running 11.2.2 when attempting to get mail from Google servers.This could be because Wi-Fi or your cellular connection is playing up, or because you accidentally left Airplane Mode activated.

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This will reset your mobile data connection, and hopefully you'll get a better signal.

I’ve tried deleting the account and signing in again but doesn’t work.

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