Illegal dating age

28-Dec-2019 22:30

Later that evening my client and the girl went into one of the unoccupied rooms.

My client advised her that he believed her that she was 18 but because of his friend going to prison for having sex with an underage girl, he was scared of “jail-bait”.

My client and the girl had both consumed alcohol but neither were drunk and the State did allege that she was incapacitated when the sexual conduct occurred.

The girl had advised my client that she was 18 from when he first met her and by her appearance, she could easily pass for that age.

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Because he was essentially caught red handed and had confessed, he had no defense.This strict liability standard can be terribly unfair to the defendant in certain circumstances including a recent client of mine.My client, who was just 19 years old at the time of the offense, rented several connecting hotel rooms one evening to throw a party.He father went to the hotel and called the police, who knocked on the door.

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My client answered the door half asleep in his boxers.The intention was to get intoxicated and hopefully “hook up” with some girls – certainly not an unusual practice for 19 year olds.