Harry potter character dating quiz

14-Oct-2020 17:26

We all know that your Myers-Briggs type can unlock the secrets of who you should date and what kind of animal you should identify with, but now it can decide your role at Hogwarts, too. If you don't know your official Myers-Briggs personality type, go ahead and take the quiz. The I and E stand for introverted and extroverted, respectively (if you've been to the internet before, you already know what those two words mean).

So those four letters determine where you fall on four different spectrums.

ESTPs are perhaps the most Gryffindor personality type out there: bold, blunt, and always ready to take risks.

Ginny's a bundle of energy who likes running headlong into dangerous situations and making out with whomever the hell she wants to.

ESTPs are notorious flirts and highly competitive, hence Ginny's epic success in both sports and high school dating.

Fred and George could only ever be ESFPs — boisterous entertainers who love attention and hate being alone.

Luna is a dreamy, introverted idealist, like any true INFP.

She looks for the good in all people, and isn't too bothered by things like logic or hard facts.

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But just because she's quirky and sweet doesn't mean she's a pushover; INFPs come across as shy, but deep down they're passionate about their beliefs and protecting their friends.

As an ENFP, he's optimistic and openhearted, a little sensitive, and full of positive energy.antagonistic.

They thrive on changing scenery and new ideas, but if they're trapped somewhere with no stimulation (say, a wizard prison or their family's gross old house), they're quickly frustrated.

And lastly, there's J for judging or P for perceiving.

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Do you like your world to be structured and closed, or always open to new options?

He's a natural leader and a perfectionist, quite good at coming up with strategies, but also shier and more sensitive than he lets on.

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