French dating customs in france dating a fellow grad student

03-Aug-2020 18:10

Marriage, in general, is built up in the US; the end of all our favorite rom-coms is a picture-perfect wedding.

I never fail to sob through the endings of even though in one, they ride off into the sunset on horses like the most cheesy cliché of all time, and in the other she leaves her father and friends to be with a man she’s never actually talked to…

They would never stop putting in the hard work to keep romance alive, married or not, and they don’t get married for the sake of a fairytale ending.

We may expect the country that contains the City of Love to be the most idealistic and romantic, but when it comes to relationships, they’re actually very realistic.

They believe that as long as you tell and show your partner that you’re beautiful, young, thin, etc., this is what they will think of you.

And maybe, most importantly, this is what you will think of you too.

I, myself, am a believer in seeking a partner that doubles as a best friend.

The French believe a wedding is not everything it’s cracked up to be in the US, and it’s thought more to be one of the many steps in a relationship that a couple may or may not take, more so than a happy ending.