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Pressed against the front of the saddle with her tall warrior guardian behind her, she felt cold, cramped and in a dull state of shock over the loss of her family and friends. Read On Added: | Category: Watersports | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 3,872 | Tags: piss pee golden shower toilet urine wee leak | 1 Comment A need for a pee sees an unorthodox solution The light was fading fast and it was time to leave for the house had no electricity.

The fact that the warrior woman’s armoured steel nipples were biting into her back was not helping matters. However, Suzanne was desperate for a pee and likewise the plumbing had yet to be commissioned.

She was an inhabitant of the jungle, of that there was to be no doubt.

Her clothing was of rough-cut animal skins; a mix-mash of different beasts crudely sewn together.

In my dream I had been denied my intent, always turned around before I could reach the spot by the tall spreading oak that had...

Having been caught having a leak of my own by one of the teachers had initially been a shock but it had been the same teacher who had suggested that the fun had yet to begin.

The hours of my first day had flown by with a brief guide around...

This left only one very obvious solution and that she would just have to pee over one of the old carpets.

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Fortuanetly her damp patch would dry before anybody returned to the house plus the fact that all the...

Despite the primitiveness of her attire, the woman still radiated beauty. Read On Added: | Category: Watersports | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 1,621 | Tags: pee piss golden shower toilet wee urine leak | 1 Comment Wet excitement in the bedroom.