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The desired width is dependent upon the traffic volumes and speeds, and on the roadside geometry.

The current edition ofthe AASHTO "Roadside Design Guide", should be used as a guide forestablishing clear zones for various types of highways and operating conditions. 319 shall be considered to be highway right-of-way.

In the design of new highway facilities consideration should be given to utility service needs of the area traversed if such service is to be provided from utility facilities on or near the highway.

Longitudinal use of such right-of-way by private lines is to be handled under the provisions of 23 CFR 1.23(c). (b) Since by tradition and practice highway and utility facilities frequently coexist within common right-of-way or along the same transportation corridors, it is essential in such situations that these public service facilities be compatibly designed and operated.

2, 1988; 55 FR 25828, June 25, 1990; 60 FR 34850, July 5, 1995; 61 FR 12022, Mar. The lack of sufficient right-of-way width to accommodate utilities outside the desirable clear zone, in and of itself, is not a valid reason to preclude utilities from occupying the highway right-of-way.

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The policy should address the removal of roadside obstacles which are likely to be associated with accident or injury to the highway user, or when such obstacles are essential, the policy should provide for appropriate countermeasures to reduce hazards.

Existing fences should be retained and, except along sections of freeways having frontage roads, planned fences should be located at the freeway right-of-way line.

The State or political subdivision is to retain control of the utility strip right-of-way including its use by utility facilities.

(2) Any accommodation plan shall assure that installations satisfy the following criteria: (i) The effects utility installations will have on highway and traffic safety will be ascertained, since in no case shall any use be permitted which would adversely affect safety.

(ii) The direct and indirect environmental and economic effects of any loss of productive agricultural land or any productivity of any agricultural land which would result from the disapproval of the use of such right-of-way for accommodation of such utility facility will be evaluated.(iii) These environmental and economic effects together with any interference with or impairment of the use of the highway in such right-of-way which would result from the use of such right-of-way for the accommodation of such utility facility will be considered.

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