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"It's ideal to go out with just one or two other friends," says relationship expert Krista Bloom, Ph D, author of The Ultimate Compatibility Quiz."If you're with a larger group, pair off for 30-minute intervals to give guys the opportunity to come up to you." Choose your wingwomen wisely — you want to be surrounded by friends who are outgoing and don't need to be babysat — and avoid standing so that your shoulders are squared toward each other; physical openness will send the message that you're okay with being approached and not engrossed in an intimate convo.You also have to flash some fierce and flirty looks."We're finding that men need a whole lot more coaxing than you'd think," explains Ann Demarais, Ph D, coauthor of First Impressions.By using Nite Flirt, you agree to our use of cookies.Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

"When you're seated on a banquette or bar stool, try crossing and uncrossing your legs every minute or two," says body-language expert Janine Driver.You may have heard of, or even used, these maneuvers before, but their success makes them worth repeating.For starters, always keep your group of girls nice and small.Be sure to plant yourselves in a high-traffic area near the center of the room..never near an exit.

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You may get noticed there, but dudes who constantly eyeball the door are likely to be always looking for the next best thing. Show Off Your Neck and Shoulders Now on to more stealthy tactics.

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