Error updating a list item document checked out bigandbeautiful dating com

31-Jan-2020 09:49

error updating a list item document checked out-19

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See Enable and configure versioning for a list or library for more info.

Your files and any changes you make to them, will not be available to your colleagues until you check the files back into your library.

When you finish editing and check the file back into the library, other people can see your changes and edit the file, if they have permission.

And, if you decide not to make or keep any changes in the file, you can simply discard your checkout so you don’t affect version history.

The problem seems to be in fact related to attempt of changing the locked field.

If you don't want to introduce 1 minute delay to your workflow before changing previously updated fields in your workflow (that should always work..) you may want to add Wait for Field Change in Current item action between updates of the same field.

This means that you may not yet see this feature or it may look different than what is described in the help articles.

I've had the same issue in the past and the 1 minute delay resolved it.

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error updating a list item document checked out-6

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It appeared to me that maybe it was a locking/timing issue...appeared the workflow kicked off and tried updating fields in the doc library item before the locks were released on the Info Path form that created the item!

If your organization tracks versions, a new version is created each time you check a file back into the library.

By discarding the checkout, you can avoid making new versions when you haven’t made any changes to the file.

In some circumstances that is possible and worked quite well in may case.

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There may be many cause for the issue, for me it was related to user permissions: workflow was creating an item in another list on behalf of the user and he was having only read permissions on that list, by giving contribute permissions on another list it worked.To see the user, hover your mouse cursor over the document's icon to get a tooltip pop-up that contains the name of the user that has it checked out.

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