Error before updating scaffolding from new db

19-Sep-2019 12:53

Start by creating a new MVC Web Application in Visual Studio 2013.

You now need to specify that you want to support both MVC and Web API In this project, create a new Model and call it Time Tracking Item.

Once Visual Studio has finished Scaffolding, let’s run the application and look at the results. So far we have not written any code beyond the very simply Model.

Once you start the Web Application, navigate to the Time Tracking Item Controller. But behind the scenes, the Scaffolder has done a lot of work for us.

error before updating scaffolding from new db-68

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Now, in "Model Browser" under "Entity Types" for model, I can see the table name exists.But in Solution Explorer it is not showing the auto-generated file for the table I have added newly under file.