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Finally: This list is not ranked worst to best, or best to worst; it is presented chronologically by release date (or approximate release date, when the historical release date proved impossible to nail down), from oldest to newest.Now, with all of the necessary caveats in place, let’s take a song-by-song trip through the definitive age of emo.And what better way to kick start the discussion than with a list? For the 30 Essential Songs From The Golden Era Of Emo list, I opted to leave out bands who I lovingly think of as “proto-emo” — that is, grandfathers of the scene such as Hüsker Dü, Rites Of Spring, Embrace, and Dag Nasty.I also did not include seminal screamo acts like Saetia, I Hate Myself, Antioch Arrow, You And I, Jeromes Dream, Pg.99, Orchid, etc., because, honestly, that’s a whole other list unto itself.Robbins’ most well-known band, Jawbox, “Savory” gained mild popularity on MTV, offering a glimmer of hope to musicians who didn’t want to write grunge songs when it was released in January of 1994.

No matter if you credit Rites Of Spring or My Chemical Romance for introducing raw, bleeding-heart emotions into the lexicon of punk and hardcore, the bands you listen to and define as “real emo” are undoubtedly among the most important to ever appear in your life.

No, instead I focused on the more melodic and relatively recent ends of the emo spectrum.

And because there are simply just too many great bands to include in a list like this, I decided to only pick one song per group, though keen eyes and ears will undoubtedly notice a few different bands with shared members.

Since the turn of the millennium, a generation of angsty young men have been influenced by Jesse Lacey and his contemporaries. Jesse Lacey’s legacy will be modelling behaviour to a generation of teenage boys that it is ok to treat women with contempt.

They’ve seen him write self-pitying songs about how sad he is and idolised him for it. If you’re in a band, it’s even more ok, because you are a tortured artist and the pain and suffering of these women is really in the service of art.(See also: The Dismemberment Plan – “The Ice Of Boston,” Burning Airlines – “Pacific 231,” No Knife – “Minus One”) // Check out our Golden Era Of Emo Ultimate Playlist on Spotify.

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