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A move to Los Angeles in 2004 brought on more theatre, including a production of "The Woolgatherer", in which she directed Anne Dudek (a regular on Mad Men (2007)/Big Love (2006)) and David Dayan Fisher (a regular on 24 (2001)/NCIS (2003)) to great reviews.She then landed her first US movie role as the manipulative, born-again Christian, "Stacy", in Headspace (2005).She played an important role in photography, videography and chauffeuring the group to and from the convention.

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Lansdale's Hap and Leonard (2016), a starring role in the eighth and ninth seasons of The Walking Dead (2017–2018), and social issue horror film Darlin' (2019) which she wrote, directed and starred in.For her performance, she was awarded three Best Actress awards, including Total Film's Frightfest Award and Fright Meter's.