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The colors were airbrushed on the lighter one at a time, after the surface was engraved at.The classic series was illustrated with eight icons: Individual clients and organizations used this engraved and paint-on-paint process for their logos and military or fraternal insignias. From the mid s to the early s, customers could send in any lighter and have any available metallique — including metallique initials — applied to their lighters, thus making exact dating of some metalliques difficult.Learn more See collection The official Zippo store is home to Zippo windproof and utility lighters in a range of designs, as well as lighter supplies, electric hand warmers, pocket gifts and accessories. One of the slash marks was removed from the left of the Zippo trademark instead of being removed from the right; thus the code read: This date code error was corrected within the same year to read: Beginning inthe Roman numerals indicating the year were replaced with numbers corresponding to the last digits of the year of manufacture.Inthe 10 began to utilize the same inside unit as a Zippo pocket lighter, and inthe 10 was renamed the Barcroft.

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Collecting Zippo lighters is about fun, about history, about people.

An attempt to reintroduce Zippo lighters with the distinctive look of the metallique as a part of our 65th Anniversary celebration was unsuccessful.

Fact - Zippo did manufacture lighters with a leather wrap. A slightly shorter 10 was introduced in as the Deluxe All Purpose Table Lighter, and in it was shortened again, to 3.

The model had a large inside unit and no base, both features that were changed in the model.

Production of the Lady Bradford was discontinued in The Moderne was available in three different finishes: The Corinthian was also available in three finishes: Both the Moderne and Corinthian were discontinued in Handilite Introduced in Zippo combined the unique styling of a traditional windproof pocket lighter with an attachable pedestal base to create the Handilite table lighter.

Style can also refer to the decorative elements that distinguish lighters or groups of lighters. Determining the date of a Zippo lighter is fun and easy. Blaisdell offered a lifetime guarantee, the bottom of each Zippo lighter made since the mids was dating with a series of markings so he could identify which run of lighters was being chart for repairs. Over the years, the date code format has been modified, most recently in.

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