Dating winchester m1 carbine

11-Sep-2020 10:28

A number of parts, especially stocks, showed evidence of being shaped by hand to the desired configuration.Regardless of these problems, the first 100 Educational Order M1 rifles were delivered by Winchester on December 27, 1940.Winchester was assigned the serial number range of 100,001-100,500 for the Educational Order M1s.As Winchester tooled up to produce the 500 M1 rifles, the Ordnance Department ordered several changes to the initial specifications.

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When war broke out in Europe in 1939, the United States was shaken out of its between-the-wars lethargy and formulated plans to rearm our ill-equipped military. military would soon require additional quantities of service rifles, Springfield Armory was ordered to boost production of the M1 rifle.The Winchester’s also has wider protective front sight ears than the Springfields.Even with Winchester’s well-established history of mass production of guns, a few components of the Educational Order M1 rifles required some hand fitting and finishing.The company agreed to the proposal, and the contract was awarded on September 20, 1939.

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In order to help set up for mass production of the M1, representatives from Springfield Armory met with the Winchester management and engineering teams to formulate plans for greatly increased production of the Garand at the New Haven plant. To most gun enthusiasts, the name Winchester typically conjures up images of lever-action rifles or slide-action shotguns. of New Haven, Conn., manufactured myriad types of high-quality firearms for the civilian market.

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