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15-Feb-2020 15:22

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Did you get on like a house on fire over Facebook Messenger but then when you meet in real life, she seems cold, distant and as if she’s about to fall asleep any second? It might not be common knowledge but women can find very specific traits unattractive in men and, because first impressions are everything, that might mean that she will never want to see you again.

Certain traits are bad enough to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth and women are specifically sensitive to that.

Meanwhile the dating experts have claimed posing with your pets are the key to getting matches on dating apps.

Have you found yourself in a situation, where whatever you do doesn’t seem to impress the lady you’re on a date with?

Do you never hold the door open for her, or pull out her chair?

Doing this doesn’t mean you’re over sensitive, it’s just common sense chivalry that you should have for any woman, not just ones you’re dating.

It’s just a sign of bad manners and it will leave your date wondering why your parents never taught you any better. A lot of men think they aren’t but that’s because they don’t see themselves through the eyes of the woman they’re dating.

If she’s getting obviously uncomfortable talking about something, then just stop talking about it.

But a poll of 2,000 single Brits found despite it being a popular pose, fake pouting has been voted the biggest faux pas, with 39 per cent of people naming it as their pet peeve.So work on your self-esteem, maybe even do some personality coaching, and watch your love life change drastically!That’s the other end of the spectrum of self-confidence.Of course, we can’t put all women under one umbrella, however trying to navigate the complicated world of women’s preferences, likes and dislikes, turn-ons and turn-offs can be very challenging.

The turn-offs can generally be a lot more difficult to guess than the turn-ons, as women are generally not as vocal about them as they would be about the things they like.

That said, there are a set of ground rules that you can stick to.

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